Karacakılavuz Woven Dog Foot Pattern Rug

Karacakılavuz Küçük Sanat Kooperatifi
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Handmade twilled rug by Karacakilavuz women. Size: 130*68 cm

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Warp: cotton yarn
Weft: Sheep wool

The length can be designed according to the desired size, provided that the width of the rug is fixed.
Colors can be changed according to demand.
It takes 10 days to design personalized products.
Please get in touch to customize your order.

Twill weaving, stitched by our Karacakilavuz women, is the apple of our village's eye. Our grandmothers and grandfathers, who came from Bulgaria in 1885, brought their motifs and looms with them. Today, we continue to keep their legacy alive. Our rugs, carpets, and pillows in our homes are all made of Dimi weaving entrusted to us, and we are trying to keep this culture alive.

Karacakılavuz Twill Weave was registered to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by the Tekirdağ Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism in 2019.

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