Handmade Red Macrame Cluster Model Earrings

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1-3 gün

Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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A macramé earring woven in the shape of a leaf using waxed cord and natural stones. It features a classic earring hook. Width: 2 cm Height: 6 cm.

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The beauty and grace of nature is sometimes hidden even in the simplest and natural materials. Handmade red macrame cluster model earrings stand out among the special jewelry that reflects this natural elegance and delicacy. These earrings, where natural materials meet handcraftsmanship, carry the inspiring beauties of nature, each of which is unique and unique.

The Elegance of Macrame Technique

The macrame technique is an art form that has been handcrafted from natural threads or yarns for centuries. This technique can create gorgeous patterns and shapes even with a simple knotting process. Handmade red macrame cluster earrings are a product of this special technique. Each knot tells a story and emphasizes the natural and organic nature of the earring.

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