Handmade Pumpkin Fiber Soap and Candle Set

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1-3 gün

Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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How to Use: Soften the loofah in hot water and apply it to your skin with circular motions for a massage effect. Suitable for daily use. For the peeling process using the loofah part, do it once a week. Additionally, there is a handmadecandle in the set, in the shape of a lotus flower, measuring 7x7 cm.

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Handmade glycerin soaps poured onto natural loofah provide convenience in the bath. With a massaging effect, it helps regulate blood circulation and gives the skin a more vibrant and radiant appearance. Suitable for all skin types. Can be used for hands, face, and the entire body.

Thanks to the loofah on the soap, you can also perform a purifying and nourishing peeling. It is also effective in removing existing ingrown hairs.

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