Handmade Micro Mosaic Natural Stone Keychain

Gaziantep Kadın Kooperatifi





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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Dünyaca ünlü Gaziantep Zeugma Mozaikleri, renkli ve çarpıcı tasarımlarıyla tanınır. Siz de bu muhteşem mozaiklerden ilham alarak ve dönemin doğal malzemelerini kullanarak ürettiğiniz mozaik takılarla, kadın emeğiyle hem şehrinizin hem de Türkiye'nin kültürel mirasına önemli bir katkı sağlıyorsunuz.

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The world-famous Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaics are known for their colorful and striking designs. Inspired by these magnificent mosaics and using the natural materials of the period, you are making an important contribution to the cultural heritage of both your city and Turkey with the mosaic jewelry you produce with women's labor.

The handmade micro mosaic swan-shaped keychain is designed to add a special touch. This 26-34 mm oval shaped keychain in antique yellow color offers an elegant look. The stone colors are designed in a combination of milky brown and beige with a star pattern. These details give the keychain a unique style and character.

The keychain provides the user with a practical use and stands out as an aesthetically eye-catching accessory. This special piece, which you can always carry with you, complements your style in your daily use and at the same time serves as a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Gaziantep and Turkey.

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