Handmade Brown-Burgundy Leaf Shaped Knitted Macrame Earrings

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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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A macramé earring woven in the shape of a leaf using waxed cord and natural stones. It features a classic earring hook. Width: 2 cm Height: 6 cm.

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Handmade brown-burgundy leaf-shaped macrame earrings are a natural and elegant accessory option. This style of earring has a unique and personal touch as it is made by knitting with the macrame technique. The harmony of brown and burgundy colors reflects the calm and elegant atmosphere of nature.

Since this type of earring is handmade, each one can be carefully designed and crafted. Using simple yet impressive techniques such as macrame, knotting and braiding, the leaf-shaped details are brought to life. Since these earrings are often made from natural materials, they offer a stylish and original option to complement your clothing style.

Brown-burgundy leaf-shaped macrame earrings are ideal for everyday wear and offer a natural elegance. They can also be worn on special occasions or events. Being handmade makes each one unique and allows you to express your personal style. These earrings are perfect for those who love natural and simple beauty.

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