Handmade Blue Five Petals Flower Motif Earrings

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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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An earring crafted in the shape of a five-petal flower using sand and crystal beads. It features a classic metal earring hook. Width: 3.5 cm Height: 5 cm.

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Handmade blue five-petal flower motif earrings stand out among unique jewelry that reflects the elegance and aesthetics of nature. These earrings, each shaped by the careful work of the artist, are adorned with soothing shades of blue and have an elegant floral motif. Each leaf comes to life with a touch that reflects the soft breeze and vitality of nature.

These special earrings can be seen not only as jewelry, but also as a work of art and an expression of nature's inspiring beauty. The fact that they are handmade ensures that each one represents a unique and personal story. That's why these earrings, each one a work of art, are a great option to complement your clothing style and add elegance to your special moments.

The blue five petal flower motif earrings are designed to suit all ages and styles. From casual wear to special occasions, they will complement your elegance and create an eye-catching look. If you want to carry the serenity and beauty of nature with you, these earrings may be just what you are looking for.

You will feel special and elegant with these special earrings, where every detail is carefully crafted and each leaf is lovingly shaped. The calm shades of blue and the natural beauty of the floral motif will add a little more joy and peace to every moment. Order now to have these magnificent earrings that will make you and your loved ones feel special and experience the magic of nature.

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