Handmade Bead Embroidery Cluster Patterned Colorful Eyeglass String

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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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The handcrafted product is designed in a cluster shape with mixed-color beads. This carefully crafted item is durable and provides a stylish way to carry your glasses. The part that attaches to the glasses is made of plastic material. Length: 73 cm.

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Wearing glasses is not only a practical tool to correct our eyesight, but also a unique opportunity to reflect our style and personality. However, standard eyeglass strings can often fall short of accurately reflecting our personal preferences. That's where the colorful eyeglass strings with handmade beadwork cluster pattern come in.

These unique and elegant accessories are the perfect way for eyeglass wearers to showcase their style and personality. Meticulously handcrafted by hand, these eyeglass strings stand out with their unique patterns and colorful beads. Unlike the monotony often found in eyeglass strings, these handmade strings are decorated with colorful beads, each one different and unique from the next.

The colorful beads add vibrancy to the eyeglass strings, adapting to your everyday style. Their cluster-patterned arrangement looks like a work of art on your glasses. If you want your eyeglass strings to fully reflect your personal style, the colorful eyeglass strings with handmade beadwork cluster patterns are for you.

These special accessories not only hold your glasses securely, but also emphasize your personal style. You can choose one of these elegant and unique eyeglass strings to express yourself and emphasize your style.

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