Gaziantep Wooden Mother of Pearl Inlay Flute

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Shipping Time 1 week

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Length: 35 cm Diameter: 2.5 cm Wood: Walnut

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The handmade wooden flute was carefully shaped from walnut wood by the skillful hands of the masters and combined with mother-of-pearl inlay handcraft, becoming a fascinating work that highlights the aesthetic value of the instrument. This special combination offers a unique experience to music lovers by emphasizing the uniqueness of the flute and the power of art.

The mother-of-pearl inlay details engraved on the wooden body of the flute are decorated with delicately selected patterns and motifs. Each piece of mother-of-pearl is a reflection of the labor and art of the masters. These details create a visual elegance and elegance on the surface of the instrument and add an aesthetic dimension to the music.

The length of the flute is 35 cm and its diameter is 2.5 cm. While these dimensions make playing easier, they also make the instrument practical to carry and use. Being made of walnut wood symbolizes durability and naturalness and increases the quality and life of the instrument.

This special combination of craftsmanship and artistry offers music lovers not just an instrument but also a work of art. This visually and aurally pleasing flute not only gives its owner a unique musical experience, but also makes an aesthetic contribution to the atmosphere of the room.

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