Gaziantep Crochet Knitted Wayuu Shoulder Bag

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Handmade crocheted, wool colored one-piece wayuu shoulder bag

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This crocheted shoulder bag, carefully produced by Gaziantep Women's Cooperative partners for the ArtAntep brand, is a beautiful example of handcraftsmanship and traditional weaving. Made in a single piece in wool colour, this Wayuu shoulder bag has an elegant and impressive design.

  • Handle: mesh handle
  • Width: 5cm
  • Length: 90cm
  • Closing style: Gathered with knitted pom-pom string.
  • Color: Mixed color
  • Length: 27 cm Width: 34 cm.

The fact that the bag is unlined provides a natural touch and lightness, while it offers ease of use with a main compartment. While the knitted handle ensures easy carrying of the bag, it reflects the power of your cooperative's ArtAntep brand.

The drawstring closure made with knitted pom-pom rope emphasizes the elegance and uniqueness of the bag. Its mixed-color design reflects the colorful culture of Gaziantep and each bag has a unique character.

With dimensions of 27 cm x 34 cm, this bag is an ideal size to carry your daily needs. This bag, which bears the traces of handcraft and cooperative solidarity in every detail, is not only an accessory, but also reflects the spirit of unity and solidarity of a society.

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