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Are you curious about the Ezo Gelin doll adorned with Barak local clothes and its story?

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Love stories smelling of earth were lived in the adobe houses of Barak...

Guests were welcomed in the village rooms of Barak with pleasant conversations.

Ezo bride, Döne bride

When you arrive, sit in the room and listen to Grandpa Barakli...


Ezo Gelin

Ezo Gelin is a Barak Turkmen girl.

She changed the path of caravans with her beauty, and the local sour malhıta soup was named after her because of the flavor of her hand.

She played the leading role in a legendary love story, but this love ended in sadness.

Their story became legendary and took its place in folk songs.

Being Ezo means being a victim of tradition and being homesick.

Being Ezo means being the subject of folk songs and the name of soups.

In short, being Ezo means being a legend.


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