Ezine Cheese 350 gr Vaccuumed (10 Pack)

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3-5 days

Shipping Time 3-5 days

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  • It is sent in a styrofoam box.
  • Shipped the same day.
  • Ingredients: Contains 65-70% sheep's milk, 25-30% goat's milk, and 5% cow's milk.
  • Sent from Çanakkale by Yükseloğulları Milk and Dairy Products.

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Ezine Cheese is a traditional Turkish cheese that has been produced in the Ezine district of Çanakkale province for centuries. Its production dates back to the Ottoman Empire era and is considered a cultural treasure of the region.

What animal's milk is used to make Ezine Cheese?

This cheese is made from sheep's milk, which is cut and salted before being pressed into molds. The cheese is then left to mature for several months, during which time it develops a distinct, sharp taste and a crumbly texture.

What is special about Ezine Cheese?

Ezine Cheese has a unique and beloved taste that many people enjoy. It is commonly consumed as a breakfast cheese but can also be used as a delicious component in various dishes. This cheese is highly nutritious and is a good source of protein and calcium. If you want to experience the rich history and unique flavor of traditional Turkish cheese, Ezine Cheese is a must-try. With centuries-old production techniques and a distinct flavor profile, this cheese has endured and continues to be a beloved part of Turkish cuisine.

Why is Ezine Cheese famous?

The Kaz Mountains are a natural source of oxygen, and the region receives abundant rainfall. This rainfall allows for the growth of hundreds of fragrant plants specific to the region, such as sage, thyme, oregano, and wild mint. All animals feed naturally, and the aroma and taste of these plants transfer to their milk, enhancing the flavor of the cheese.

Another important factor in the taste of the milk is the breeds of animals that grow in these mountains. Local sheep breeds, along with the goats of this region known as "Karakeçi" and the Holstein culture cows, yield delicious cheeses. Similarly, this unique flavor directly transfers to Ezine sheep cheese. The milk of sheep, cows, and goats is mixed in proportions determined by the season.

What sets Ezine Cheese apart?

The most important feature that sets Ezine Cheese apart from other white cheeses is the use of locally sourced milk and the absence of starter cultures in its production. Thanks to these characteristics, Ezine Cheese has gained popularity among consumers with its distinctive flavor.

How to consume Ezine Cheese?

If you want to enhance your breakfast or mezze plate with delicious cheese, you don't need to look elsewhere. Whether it's used as a spread on bread, paired with sweet melon and juicy watermelon, or as a versatile substitute for classic white cheese, this cheese is a versatile choice. To keep your cheese fresh, store Ezine Cheese in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Make sure to wash the cheese to remove excess salt from the brine. Or simply enjoy the product directly from its vacuum-sealed packaging without any hassle!

At Neyivar, we take pride in delivering this and other cheese products' exceptional taste experience right to your doorstep!

Produced since 1953, Paçal cheese. Famous Ezine cheese. After pasteurizing the milk, it is fermented with calf rennet, after the curding and pressing processes, it is placed in tins, and after waiting in cold storage for 10-17 months, it is ready for sale.

Enjoy your meal. Cheese packaging boxes are for illustrative purposes.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep, goat, and cow milk, cheese culture, salt. Contains at least 45% milk fat in dry matter. Allergen information: Contains lactose. It has been matured for a minimum of 365 days from the production date.

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