Erzurum Stuffed Kadayıf Dolma

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It is sent with its packaging. Shipping is within 2-4 days. It is sent from Erzurum by GelGör Cağ Kebap seller. 1 kg package contains 8-10 stuffed rolls. Erzurum tel kadayıf dolması consists of shredded phyllo dough, walnut or hazelnut filling, egg, and vegetable oil.

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 Meet 'Erzurum Kadayıf Dolması' (stuffed shredded phyllo dough kataifi), a gastronomic wonder that will take your taste buds directly to the heart of Erzurum. It is a dessert with roots dating back to Erzurum and is a must-try among the delicious flavors. We are delighted to offer it to our customers in every city of Turkey, sent directly from Erzurum.

 In general, kadayıf dolması is made by wrapping shredded phyllo dough around a walnut filling, dipping it in egg, and frying it. In Erzurum, kadayıf is especially enjoyed on the holy month of Ramadan and is a staple dessert for almost every iftar. The roots of kadayıf date back to the Seljuk period, and it has become an indispensable flavor of Turkish cuisine since then. Interestingly, even the kitchen notes of Berayı Hassa include kadayıf, revealing that it was a favorite dish of the Ottoman sultans. This dessert, which embodies the essence of tradition and can decorate your table for any occasion, is mostly preferred during cold months because of its energy-rich walnut filling.

 At Neyivar, we bring kadayıf dolması from the heart of Erzurum to every corner of Turkey, delivering the taste of Erzurum right to your doorstep. We take pride in offering only traditionally made kadayıf dolması, sourced from local producers in Turkey.

 So, order now and experience the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine in the comfort of your own home!

Erzurum Stuffed Kadayif was registered to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by ERZURUM EXCHANGE OF COMMERCE in 2021.

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