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Tarhana is made from yogurt that is mixed with boiled cracked wheat or flour as well as herbs and, depending on the recipe, with a variety of vegetables.


Chips Tarhana 225 Gr

Chips tarhana, peeled shells of pounded wheat are cooked like rice and mixed with yogurt. And then chips tarhana is obtained by drying the cooked food. 

Since the yogurt used in the production of tarhana chips is not cooked, probiotic bacteria are kept alive. At the same time, the forged wheat used in production makes it a functional food material together with the probiotics. The fact that wheat has a fibrous structure is the most important factor that makes chips tarhana among the easily digestible foods. In this respect, 100 grams of chips tarhana contains approximately 133 calories. This value may vary in different types of tarhana chips.

Our chips tarhana is more yogurt and thinner than our cookie tarhana.

Chips tarhana, which is also used in making soups, can be ground or soaked in cold water for 1 day.

Ingredients: Wheat (pounded), Yogurt, Rice, Salt, Mountain Thyme

Tattoo 1/3 Yogurt

Consumption Method: It can be consumed as snack chips or as Maraş style tarhana soup.

Protein Source : 19.00 g Fiber Source : 6,12 g

Energy and Nutritional Value (100 g)
Energy :
1739 kJ/ 416 kcal
7,20 g
Saturated Fat :
3,85 g
Carbohydrate :
68,8 g
Total Sugar :
5,22 g
Protein :
19,00 g
6,12 g
2,8 g

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