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Apollon, the epic hero of a love story that also took place in Anatolian lands, is the son of Zeus from Ancient Greek mythology. He is known to have been born in Patara. The width of this plaster bust produced by our cooperative is 13 cm and its height is 20 cm.

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The Bust of Apollo is one of the sculptures depicting Apollo, an important god in Ancient Greek mythology. Apollo is one of the most important gods of Greek mythology, often associated with his divine beauty, light and music. In the form of busts, statues or other works of art, they are produced in a variety of materials and sizes.

This type of sculpture or bust is often included in home decoration or art collections. In addition to having an aesthetic value, the Bust of Apollo also reflects an interest in ancient Greek culture and mythology. It can be a meaningful piece, especially for mythology enthusiasts or art lovers.

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