Turkish Tarhana


Natural and Regional Types of Tarhana

One of the many geographically marked, registered, quality and traditional products in Neyivar is local tarhana varieties. In the Bolu cranberry tarhana in Neyivar, unlike other tarhanas, yoghurt is used during the production process. In this way, Bolu cranberry tarhana soup astonishes those who drink it with its intense flavor and smell. The difference between Mugla Goce tarhana, another type of tarhana, is that producers do not use flour in the production process. Cracked wheat of Goce is used instead of flour. Neyivar brings these local and organic tarhanas to your door from the region. In addition, you do not doubt that the tarhana you will buy from Neyivar is fresh and organic. In short, the tarhana varieties available in Neyivar will give you the chance to take a tour all over Turkey in your own home and introduce you to different cultures. With Neyivar, it is easy to taste local and famous tarhanas with their distinctive features.

Safely Consume Fresh and Organic Tarhanas with Neyivar

The products in Neyivar are natural, organic, high quality, local and most importantly, geographically marked and registered. Neyivar brings these famous and organic delicacies to your door, so you have the opportunity to experience the Maras tarhana without going to Kahramanmaras and taste the Usak tarhana without ever going to Usak. In addition, an essential issue for Neyivar is that every product in Neyivar is organic and fresh. Collaborating only with famous companies in their region and giving maximum importance to hygiene, Neyivar makes sure that every product you order is newly-made and organic and delivers it to your door. Thanks to Neyivar, you can safely consume the flavors of every corner of Turkey without any question in your mind about whether the products are organic and fresh.

Traditional Tarhana Varieties are on Neyivar

Tarhana is a delicious and healthy member of Turkish cuisine. However, the tarhana we consume must be fresh and organic. Consumption of organic and non-fresh tarhana may prevent you from having a delicious soup. Fortunately, you will not have such a problem with Neyivar. With Neyivar, you can reach organic dry food varieties and cook great meals with local legumes and sauces. There are geographically marked, and registered products in Neyivar, and the products in Neyivar are delicious, regional, and, most importantly, fresh and organic. Therefore, you can cook delicious meals with the tarhana you order from Neyivar and safely serve it to your table.

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