Turkish Coffee 500 Gr






Tahmis Coffee's traditional Turkish Coffee is made by carefully roasting 100% arabica and top quality coffee beans, among the coffees in the world, with traditional and local methods. What makes Tahmis coffee so special is the culture, atmosphere and unique flavor it offers to its regulars, which has not changed for 400 years.

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Tahmis Coffee Turkish Coffee Recipe 

Add a cup of water to your coffee pot.
Add a teaspoon (15 gr) of Tahmis Coffee, which is prepared with care, to your coffee pot.
Add the desired amount of sugar to your coffee pot and leave the coffee pot on a light fire on the stove.
Mix Tahmis Coffee lightly, when the coffee starts to foam, divide the foam into each cup equally.
After the remaining Tahmis coffee in the coffee pot has boiled for one more time, distribute it to the cups.

Your very foamy Tahmis Turkish Coffee is ready. Bon Appetit.

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