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Key to Flavor Sumac Powder (200 gr)

Meet Sumac Powder, the hidden hero of the kitchen, adding a unique flavor to dishes and salads. Known for its rich history and characteristic flavor, sumac is an indispensable part of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Now, bring one of nature's best gifts to your kitchen.

Powdered Sumac is obtained by carefully grinding quality sumac fruits. Adding depth to your dishes with a sweet and sour flavor, this spice is the perfect complement to both main dishes and side dishes. Add just a pinch to your salads to add vibrancy and freshness. It also adds a great flavor to a variety of meat, chicken and fish dishes.

Natural powdered sumac is completely natural and free of additives, in line with a healthy lifestyle. Finely ground sumac grains add a unique taste and color to your dishes, while keeping your health in mind.

Product Specifications:

Net Weight: 200 gr
Safe and hygienic packaging

Discover new flavors in your meals with Powdered Sumac, which is a candidate to be an indispensable part of your kitchen!

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