Tahmis 10 Pack Turkish Coffee with Gum Mastic 100 Gr






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10-Piece Turkish Coffee with Gum Mastic 100 Gr Tahmis offers a flavor enriched with the aroma of mastic gum, which adds a special touch to traditional Turkish coffee. This special blend has been carefully prepared for traditional Turkish coffee lovers since 1635.

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1. Natural Mastic Flavor:

Turkish coffee with mastic gum stands out with the special mastic flavor used in its ingredients. Natural mastic gum adds a unique aroma to the taste profile of traditional Turkish coffee, making your drink unique.

2. Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee:

Ground and medium roasted Turkish coffee forms the basis of this special blend. Medium roasted Turkish coffee, which has a delicious and strong coffee profile, combines with the aroma of mastic gum and offers a special drinking experience.

Product features:

Package Content: The product is offered in a package of 10, and each package contains 100 grams of Turkish coffee with mastic gum.
Mastic Flavor: Natural mastic flavor adds a traditional Turkish flavor to the drink and leaves a pleasant mark on the palate.
Maintaining the Tradition Since 1635: Tahmis Kahvesi has been serving the Turkish coffee culture since 1635 and continues to maintain the tradition with this product.

Consumption Recommendations:

Turkish coffee with mastic gum is an ideal choice for Turkish coffee lovers with special tastes.
Traditional Turkish coffee can be prepared using brewing methods, ensuring the drink delivers an authentic flavour.
If you wish, it can be served with Turkish desserts or chocolate, which further enriches the coffee experience.

This unique Turkish Coffee with Mastic Mastic, with its special aroma and traditional Turkish coffee taste, invites coffee lovers to this special taste journey dating back to 1635.

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