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Tahmis' special blend of 10-cup Strawberry Coffee is specially prepared to add a unique taste and aroma to traditional Turkish coffee. This delicious product offers a tremendous combination of natural strawberry flavor and medium roast Turkish coffee. Here is the detailed ingredient description of this special coffee:

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Natural Cardamom Flavor:

The defining feature of Cardamom Coffee is the natural cardamom aroma it contains. Natural cardamom adds a warm and spicy flavor to the drink, making the coffee experience unique. The special aroma profile of cardamom is blended with the flavor specific to Turkish coffee and offers a special drink.

2. Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee:

The basis of Cardamom Coffee is medium roasted Turkish coffee. Prepared with special roasting methods, this coffee offers a strong and balanced flavor profile. Combining with the aroma of cardamom, it adds a special spicy and satisfying taste to Turkish coffee.

Product features:

Package Content: The product, offered in a package of 10, contains 100 grams of cardamom coffee in each package.
Cardamom Aroma: Natural cardamom aroma adds a special spicy flavor to the drink, making the coffee experience warm and enjoyable.
Medium Roasted Turkish Coffee: Medium roasted Turkish coffee offers a strong and balanced coffee experience, in perfect harmony with the aroma of cardamom.

Consumption Recommendations:

Cardamom coffee can be prepared using special Turkish coffee brewing methods, giving your drink an authentic Turkish coffee experience.
If you want, you can create a different taste profile by adding cinnamon or coconut.
It can be served hot or cold, offering a drinking pleasure suitable for the season and personal preferences.

Tahmis Cardamom Turkish Coffee adds a special spicy touch to traditional Turkish coffee, offering coffee lovers a different and enjoyable taste experience.

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