Special Blend Tea 250 G






The unforgettable flavor of Tahmis, the place of culture, coffee, tea and friendships, Special Harman Tea is now with you

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Special Blend Tea offers a special combination of different types of tea, carefully selected and blended. Here's what you need to know about the ingredients of this special blend tea:

Turkish Tea: Turkish tea is one of the main components of black tea, which is widely consumed especially in Turkey. It is known for its rich aroma and strong flavor. Turkish tea is one of the main tea components of special blend tea and forms the basic flavor of the blend.

Kaçak Tea (Ceylon Tea): Kaçak Çay, also known as Ceylon tea, is a black tea from the island of Ceylon. Ceylon tea has a light and refreshing flavor. The special blend contributes to the taste of the tea.

Mevlana Tea Mevlana tea is one of the characteristic flavors of special blend tea. It usually has an herbal and spicy profile. This tea enhances the flavor and complexity of the blend.

Gunpowder Tea: Gunpowder tea is an interesting and sweet component of the tea blend. It is usually recognized by a sweet and fruity aroma. This tea adds a pleasant flavor to the taste of the special blend tea.

The ingredients of this special blend tea express a unique flavor created by combining different types of tea. Each type of tea adds to the complexity and depth of flavor. Thanks to this diversity, Special Blend Tea enriches your tea enjoyment by bringing different flavors and aromas together in the same glass. Ingredients may vary according to the tea producer's recipe and preferences, so it is important to carefully examine the product packaging.

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