Set of 10 Turkish Coffee Medium Roasted 100 Gram Package

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As Tahmis Kahvesi, the oldest place of Turkish coffee, we have been offering unique Turkish Coffee to coffee goers since our establishment in 1635.

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Tahmis Coffee Turkish Coffee 100 gr 10 Pack - Since 1635

Turkish Coffee varieties produced with traditional and local methods are at Tahmis Kahvesi, Turkey's oldest coffee shop.
Tahmis Coffee's traditional Turkish Coffee is made by carefully roasting 100% arabica and the highest quality coffee beans among all the coffees in the world, using traditional and local methods.
What makes Tahmis coffee so special is the culture, atmosphere and unique taste that it has offered to its regulars for 400 years.
We take you on a 400-year journey with Tahmis Coffee, which we produce with traditional Turkish and special methods.
Experiencing the unique atmosphere of the 400-year-old historical Tahmis Coffeehouse at home is now just a click away.


Tahmis Coffee's Frothy Turkish Coffee recipe

Add a cup of water to your coffee pot.
Add a teaspoon (15 gr) of the carefully prepared Tahmis Coffee to your coffee pot.
Add the desired amount of sugar to your coffee pot and place it on the stove over low heat.
Gently stir the Tahmis Coffee. When the coffee starts to foam, divide the foam equally into each cup.
After the Tahmis coffee remaining in the coffee pot boils for a while, share it among the cups.

Your frothy Tahmis Turkish Coffee is ready. Enjoy your meal…

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