Pumpkin Jam 250 Gr

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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Thanks to the calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus it contains, pumpkin jam, is very beneficial for bone development and helps regulate blood pressure.

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The storage method of pumpkin jam is important to keep the jam fresh and delicious. It is recommended to store it in a cool environment, out of the sun and out of the air.

Atlı Gurme produces legumes grown in the fertile lands of Thrace and Anatolia, and homemade jams completely naturally, bringing quality and affordable prices to the table. While Atlı Gurme delivers its products, which it produces in accordance with superior hygiene conditions in its modern facilities in the Thrace region, to its consumers, it values people and the environment by doing harmless agricultural methods and products in a transparent manner.

Increasing its product range day by day, Atlı Gurme offers basic food products such as bulgur, beans, baldo and Osmancık rice and lentil varieties; bringing it together with consumers in a harmless, reliable and healthy way to nature.

You can order Atlı Gurme products, which have ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and Halal Food certificates, from Neyivar.com and prepare your tables with delicious products.

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