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10-Piece Ottoman Coffee 100 Gr Tahmis offers a unique experience with a magnificent blend of Ottoman Coffee and the special ingredients it contains. Here is the content of this special mixture:

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Ottoman Coffee is a blend that offers a unique taste, prepared with carefully selected and ground special ingredients. Each component has been specially selected and brought together in a balanced way. Here are more detailed explanations of the ingredients in this special mixture:

1. Carob:

Carob, used to add a unique flavor to Ottoman Coffee, adds softness and naturalness to the characteristic taste profile of coffee. While ground carob adds a unique aroma to the drink, it also makes it lighter and more enjoyable to drink.

2. Sahlep:

Sahlep, one of the indispensable ingredients of traditional Ottoman coffee, adds a creamy touch and intense flavor to the drink. While this special ingredient creates a nice consistency in the coffee, it also makes the drink richer and more satisfying.

3. Cream:

Adding a luxurious touch to Ottoman coffee, cream gives the drink a rich flavor and consistency. The use of cream leaves a soft taste of the coffee and a permanent mark in the mouth.

4. Dry Coffee:

Dry coffee, prepared with special grinding techniques, adds a characteristic coffee flavor to Ottoman coffee. This ingredient is the cornerstone of the drink and offers coffee lovers the traditional coffee aroma.

5. Menengic:

Menengic is added to add a unique aroma and flavor to Ottoman coffee. Natural terebinth extracts add a different dimension to the taste of the drink and add a unique richness to the traditional taste profile.

6. Mastic Mastic:

Mastic gum is one of the important ingredients of Ottoman cuisine. Mastic added to Ottoman Coffee adds a special aroma and unique flavor to the drink, while adding simplicity and originality to the traditional taste profile.

7. Chocolate:

The chocolate it contains adds a sweet note to Ottoman coffee. The intense and rich flavor of chocolate completes the drink and makes the coffee pleasure even more special.
This special blend aims to offer coffee lovers an unforgettable experience by combining the traditional taste of Ottoman coffee with a modern touch. Each cup has been carefully prepared to turn the rich heritage of Ottoman culture into a pleasure to drink.

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