Ottoman Coffee 250 Gr






Ottoman Coffee offers a lasting taste on your palate with the "Sultan's Elixir". If you are tired of classic coffees and are looking for different tastes, you can discover different tastes with Tahmis Kahvesi Ottoman Coffee. You will love this flavor very much, maybe you will never give up.

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Ottoman Coffee Recipe 

Pour a teaspoon of Tahmis Ottoman Coffee into a cup.
Add one cup of water to your coffee pot for one cup.
Add the desired amount of sugar and leave the coffee pot on the stove on a low fire.
Mix Tahmis Coffee lightly, when the coffee starts to foam, divide the foam into each cup equally.
After the remaining Tahmis coffee in the coffee pot has boiled one more time, distribute it to the cups.
Rich foamy Tahmis Coffee Your Ottoman Coffee is ready. Bon Appetit…

Ingredients: Ground Carob, Sahlep, Cream, Dry Coffee, Menengic Coffee, Gum Mastic and Chocolate

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