Kaymaklı Baklava 1,5 Kg

Elmacı Pazarı Güllüoğlu





  • It is sent with its box.
  • It will be shipped within 3-5 days.
  • The product weight is 1500 grams.
  • Does not contain peanuts or walnuts and is prepared only with goat's milk and semolina.
  • It is sent from Gaziantep by Güllüoğlu.

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 Meet the gastronomic wonder, baklava, that will take your taste buds straight to the heart of Gaziantep. The secret to its unique flavor lies in the use of special hard wheat flour and baking each tray in a stone oven with wood fire until it turns golden brown. But that's not all, every ingredient used in our baklava is carefully selected from the region. Different regional ingredients are filled between the thin phyllo dough layers. Baklava with kaymak, which does not contain peanuts or walnuts and is prepared only with goat's milk and semolina, used to make 1 tray every day in Elmacı Pazarı Güllüoğlu, when Baklava with Pistachio was just beginning to be made in Gaziantep.

 The exact origin story of baklava is a topic of debate, but the Güllüoğlu family claims that their ancestor Hacı Mehmed Güllü tasted it for the first time during his pilgrimage to Mecca. He learned the recipe and introduced it to Gaziantep six months later. Baklava's popularity spread to Istanbul and palace chefs started serving it as a special treat to the Janissaries during Ramadan. Before going on a campaign, soldiers were served with plenty of rice, lamb stew, and saffron pudding, while baklava became the preferred dessert after iftar during Ramadan.

 Enjoy the rich history and unforgettable taste of baklava, a true masterpiece of Turkish cuisine. We are proud to bring the flavor of Gaziantep's history and culture to the doorstep of our customers in every province of Turkey.

Antep Baklava was registered to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry in 2008.

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