Handmade Boxwood Fork 18 Cm

Sabri Usta Şimşir Tarak & Kaşık





Boxwood products are sent within 7 working days due to handmade and density. Inspired by nature, the handmade boxwood fork adds a natural elegance to your table and kitchen. Shaped by meticulous hand labor from boxwood, this fork will meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically.

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Why Use Boxwood?

Healthy Boxwood forks are healthy and do not release harmful substances when in contact with food, unlike wooden forks with chemical coatings.
Durable: Boxwood is very hard and durable.
Odorless : Boxwood leaves no odor or taste on food. This is an important advantage, especially for dishes with delicate flavors.
Aesthetic: Boxwood forks offer an aesthetic look and touch with its special and smooth texture.
Easy to Clean: Boxwood forks can be easily cleaned and remain hygienic thanks to their smooth surface.
Handcrafted Mastery: Each fork is shaped by hand labor and craftsmanship and is the product of a meticulous production process. That's why each fork has its own unique character.
Anti-Bacterial: Boxwood's natural structure prevents the growth of bacteria.

Care and Cleaning:

After use, wash your cutlery gently with warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents.
Do not put them in extremely hot water or in the dishwasher, as this can affect the durability of the cutlery.
You can regularly care for your cutlery with olive oil. This helps to maintain the shine and durability of the cutlery.

Note: As each fork and knife is made of natural material, there may be slight variations in color shades and patterns. This emphasizes the uniqueness of each fork.

If you want to add warmth and natural elegance to your table, handmade boxwood cutlery is the perfect option where traditional craftsmanship meets modern living. Make every meal special with the naturalness and durability of boxwood.

Taraklı Boxwood cutlery was registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office by Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2021.

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