Gaziantep Handmade Nickel-plated Copper Coffee Pot for 2 Persons

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Let our entirely handcrafted copper products reflect your style with their elegant and unique designs. Diameter of the product: 7 Cm

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The specially designed 2-person coffee pot, made by the master hands of Gaziantep, takes your Turkish coffee pleasure one step further.

Warm Touch of Wooden Handle: The handle of the coffee pot is made of durable and temperature-friendly wood. While it protects your hands while brewing hot coffee, wooden details make drinking coffee more special. Whether you use it for yourself or offer it to your loved ones, brewing coffee becomes a pleasure with this coffee pot.

Gaziantep Handcrafted Nickel-plated Copper: Carefully crafted by Gaziantep's master coppersmiths, the coffee pot combines durability and quality with its nickel copper material. Produced with traditional hand craftsmanship, this coffee pot promises durability and service life for many years. Nickel-plated copper provides rapid heat conduction, helping you brew coffee in its most delicious form.

Capacity for 2 People: With its capacity for 2 people, the coffee pot offers the pleasure of offering coffee to your friend or lover right next to you. This coffee pot, which is both practical and eye-catching, is the best way to share your coffee pleasure.

Enjoy traditional Turkish coffee and make your warm conversations even more special with the Open Touristic Coppersmithing Wooden Handled Nickel-plated Copper Coffee Pot. With its quality materials and expertly crafted details, this coffee pot is a candidate to be the favorite of coffee lovers.

Benefits of Using Copper

This magnificent Copper Hand Carved Teapot not only offers aesthetic elegance but also provides a healthy kitchen experience. The antibacterial properties of copper ensure that the tea and water you drink are clean and hygienic. In addition, thanks to copper's ability to conduct heat quickly, the tea you drink will brew faster and reflect its flavor better.

Are Handcrafted Copper Products Long-Lasting?

This teapot has a special design shaped by the dexterity of the masters. Hand-carved details add elegance and originality to the product. This special note of craftsmanship ensures that your teapot becomes a work of art rather than just a kitchen utensil. In addition, handcrafted copper products are generally durable and offer long-lasting use.

Why Should We Buy Copper Products?

Copper is a great option for a healthy kitchen life. This teapot does not contain chemicals that are harmful to your health and adds a natural shine and flavor to your tea. In addition, the excellent heat conduction properties of copper for teapots and other kitchen utensils ensure that your meals are cooked faster and more homogeneously.

Effect of Copper Products on Hot Beverage Taste

The interaction of copper with hot beverages can affect the taste of the beverage to some extent. Copper can transmit some minerals and metallic tastes to the beverage, which may cause changes in the taste of the beverage. This can be especially noticeable on new copper products. However, this taste change is usually minimal and can create a pleasant flavor profile for many.

How Should Copper Products Be Maintained?

Regular maintenance is important to make this teapot last long. You can use a mild detergent and a soft sponge to clean the product. You can also clean copper with a mixture of lemon juice and salt to preserve its natural shine. You can prevent water stains and preserve the color of the copper for a long time by drying the product after use.

Gaziantep Copper Hand Processing was registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on 19.07.2010 by the Gaziantep Chamber of Coppersmiths.


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