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Shipping Time 1-3 gün

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Dermason Dried Beans, which is an indispensable taste and one of the main food sources of Turkish cuisine, is produced by Atlı Gurme in modern facilities in the Thrace region in accordance with superior hygiene conditions and delivered to its consumers.

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While Dermason dry beans are produced mainly in Central Anatolia in our country, it is also grown in Erzincan, Niğde, Nevşehir and Derinkuyu regions. Dermason bean, which has a vivid white color, and flat and plump structure, is different from other bean types due to its thin shell and short cooking time, and it is a food frequently preferred by consumers.

Atlı Gurme Dermason beans are very nutritious for health as they have high protein and nutritional values.

Dermason beans, whose benefits do not end with counting, have the feature of regulating blood sugar and are also good for kidney diseases. With Atlı Gurme Dermason Beans, you can prepare many delicious dishes such as dry bean meal, red bean curd.

You can order Atlı Gurme products, which have ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and Halal Food certificates, from Neyivar.com and prepare your tables with delicious products.

Cooking Suggestion:

2 cups Atlı Gurme Dermason beans are soaked the night before, drained and washed the next day. Add oil and onions to the pot and fry until they turn pink. Then tomato paste is added and frying is continued with the onion. The beans, which were soaked and filtered the night before, are taken into the pot and mixed, 4-5 glasses of hot water are poured, salt is added at the end and the lid of the pot is closed. Cooking is continued for 35-40 minutes.

After cooking the Dermason bean dish, you can optionally serve it with rice. Enjoy your meal.

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