Turkish Coffee with Mastic Gum 100 Gr






Mastic Flavored Turkish Coffee is made by carefully processing it from the gum trees grown in Chios. Tahmis Coffee Turkish Coffee with Gum Drop adds to your coffee pleasure with its unique smell and special aroma on the palate.

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There are no chemicals in Mastic Flavored Turkish Coffee. It is 100% natural. What makes Tahmis Coffee's Mastic Flavored Turkish Coffee so special is the coffee culture, atmosphere, and unique flavor it offers to its regulars, which has not changed for 400 years. It is good for many health problems, from stomach ailments to heart ailments. It is a healthy coffee.

Tahmis Coffee Mastic Gum Flavored Turkish Coffee Recipe

Pour one teaspoon of Tahmis Mastic Flavored Turkish Coffee per cup.
Add one cup of water to your coffee pot for one cup.
Add the desired amount of sugar and leave the coffee pot on the stove on a low fire.
Mix Tahmis Coffee lightly, when the coffee starts to foam, divide the foam into each cup equally.
After the remaining Tahmis coffee in the coffee pot has boiled one more time, distribute it to the cups.
Your foamy Tahmis Mastic Flavored Turkish Coffee is ready. Bon Appetit…

Ingredients: Ground Turkish Coffee, Mastic Gum Flavor

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